AltaVista Founder Dies of a Heart Attack at 42

Heart disease does not affect only middle-aged and elderly people, just review the latest news and you will be convinced:

Paul Flaherty, AltaVista online search engine creator, dies at 42.
The Mercury News, Mar. 24, 2006. has the responses of the fans of the now defunct search engine AltaVista. Do you remember that before Google was launched, AltaVista was the best?

A 38-year old man died of ST-elevation MI.
The Massachusetts Medical Law Report.

There are 20 comments on this case at

"Young Women Don't Have Heart Attacks." So Wrong.

Dr Helen survived a heart attack at the age of 37. She discusses her experience and what can be done to prevent coronary artery disease with experts in a Heart Health Podcast.

Young age does not "rule out" coronary artery disease. There may be a genetic predisposition (proven in the case of the famous Russian skater Grinkov, 1996) and we all need to be aware that some young people are at risk.

Further reading:
A Heart-to-Heart with GigaOM Readers: Popular IT blogger Om Malik survived a heart attack at age 41. GigaOM, 01/2008.
Photo of Paul Flaherty, source:
Image source: Gray's Anatomy, 1918, public domain.

Dangers of unrecognized heart disease: Husband dies while giving wife CPR (both found dead, age 60, 59)

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  1. The majority of the middle age heart attack patients usually can't make it.

    The arteries are not stable and the rupture cases are high. Plaque becomes the main culprit..... from the trans fatty acid that we consume!