Cocaine FOR Chest Pain

A patient with a history of cocaine abuse, cardiomyopathy with EF 15%, DVT and PE, and noncompliance with Coumadin, is admitted with chest pain and INR 1.0.

Urine toxic screen is positive for cocaine.

"Mr. So-and-so your urine is positive for cocaine."


"You know doctor, my chest was hurting so bad that I took some cocaine to help it."


"This cocaine could have killed you. It's really bad for you..."

"You know, when they discharged me last week, they gave me some of those Coumadin pills in the Lovenox box. Coumadin... Cocaine... may be I got confused..."

Cocaine FOR chest pain? No comments.

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Note: the story characters may be fictional.

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Updated: 01/26/2008

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