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How I Spent Last Weekend

Doctor Herbert tells us how he found his medical diploma in his hurricane-ruined New Orleans home.

There are no perfect physicians just as there are no perfect humans

"The word "diagnosis" is simply a fancy word for "opinion.", via Kevin, M.D.

Always believe the patient

BookOfJoe explains why he's glad Jim Balsillie (Chairman of RIM) is not his anesthesiologist. "DON'T BE DEAD RIGHT. Believe the patient." And he gives just one more example of why, in the end, the machines will always let you down.

Creative Suicide Attempt

KidneyNotes describes a patient who injected himself with rattlesnake venom in attempt to kill himself. Source: Southern Medical Journal.

This doctor successfully uses the power of placebo: The Doctor's View: Magic in the ER (

Link via Kevin, M.D.

Coding Level-IV Visits Without Fear, Family Practice Management, February 2006.

Link via Kevin, M.D.

Foreign Body in the Bladder

A patient self-inserted an electric wire in his urethra which then became entangled in the bladder. At that point the only way out was through surgery.

10 Best Walking Cities in the U.S.

BookOfJoe has the list and the winner is Portland, Oregon.

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