Physician Bloggers Talk to a Medical Librarian

Via University of British Columbia (UBC) Academic Search - Google Scholar Blog:

Part I
The humble me

Part II
Top Med Student Blogger, Graham Walker

Part III
Dr. Joshua Schwimmer of

Part IV
Blogger Dr. Kevin is Part of Medicine's New Wave

It is interesting to see that 3 of us recommend the "What's New" section of UpToDate. The other trend is that although we like Google Scholar, Pubmed is still the place for a comprehensive medical search. I think that Dean should do a formal survey among physician bloggers in order to detect interesting trends like the ones above.

KraftyLibrarian also finds some insights in the interviews from a medical librarian perspective.

Image source:, public domain.


  1. Please, Is the section "What is new" in UPTODATE reserved nly t subscribers ? This site is not very known here in the Italian Universities, but most of you talk about and recommend it.

  2. Iskandar:

    UpToDate access is available to subscribers only. Many hospitals in the U.S.A. have institutional subscriptions that physicians and other employees use while on campus. Individual subscription costs about $ 200 per year.

  3. I did not see any record of it in the Italian Universities