Botox Injections for Treatment of Diabetic Gastroparesis

A 75 year-old female with diabetic gastroparesis is admitted to the hospital with generalized weakness and N/V for 2 days.

She is not able to tolerate metoclopromide (Reglan).

The GI consultant recommends botulinum toxin (Botox) injections of the pylorus.

Figure 1. Stomach filled with food (left); Botulinum toxin was injected in a 4-quadrant fashion in the pylorus (right).

What is the effect of the procedure on the patient's symptoms?

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  1. "My pylorus is wrinkle free!"

    Ok, sorry.

  2. Pylorus relaxation to help with gastric empting.

  3. My 25 year old daughter had this done. It has helped for 4 weeks but Im afraid its losing strength. She does joke and say she has the pylorus of an 18 hear old...