The Lancet Launches a Blog, Critiques Medical Bloggers

The venerable British medical journal The Lancet was founded 1823 but it does not shy away from the latest Web 2.0 tools. It launched a podcast in April and a blog in October 2006.

The journal advertises an impact factor 23.88 on its front page (a measure of how many other journals cite its articles) but it also finds time to critique the "competition" of the medical bloggers by claiming that many of them do not close disclose conflicts of interest. A free registration is required to read Bloggers beware: conflicts of interest and diabetes (link via Notes from Dr. RW).

Figure 1. Mixed content/advertising and blog ethics. Source: Paid Blog Posts? Philipp Lenssen. Creative Commons license.

The Lancet, from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
The Lancet Features Weekly Audio Summary
Bloggers beware: conflicts of interest and diabetes. The Lancet.
Paid Blog Posts? Philipp Lenssen.
Look out bloggers. The medical journalists are on to you. Notes from Dr. RW.

Update 03/27/2010:

The URL of the Lancet blog ( is no longer acive.

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