Central Line Placement Videos on YouTube

The videos below show "practical tips and tricks for central line placement in the ED." ClinicalCases.org has our own step-by-step procedure guides with photos:

Central Line Placement - Procedure Guide

Central Line Placement with Ultrasound Guidance - Procedure Guide

Without a doubt, videos are better than still photos in many ways. Photos have the advantage of being able to see clearly what is going on though. It is similar to comparing Flickr to YouTube (or Google Video) -- both are needed for a complete visual experience.

Central Line Placement, Part 1

Central Line Placement, Part 2

Central Line Placement, Part 3

Central Line Placement, Part 4

Central Line Placement, Part 5

Link via JTF wiki.

Central Venous Catheterization: Concise Definitive Review. Medscape, Critical Care Medicine, 05/16/2007 (free registration required).
BioMed Central's You Tube channel: videos from BioMed Central's authors and editors, 09/2007.
NEJM Videos in Clinical Medicine. These are high-quality professional videos but they require a subscription to NEJM:
Central Venous Catheterization - IJ vein
Central Venous Catheterization - Subclavian Vein
Central Line

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Updated: 02/06/2008

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