Echocardiograms and Cases on YouTube

There are a few users/cardiologists who upload echocardiogram videos and relevant case descriptions on YouTube:

A Cardiology Teaching File

SoundWaveImager Channel

Normal echo

Google Video and YouTube (which will probably be merged one day) broaden the educational tools available to health workers and are typical examples of Web 2.0 use in medicine. The authors of AskDrWiki upload coronary angiograms on YouTube.

I would like to remind all doctors posting any type of patient information on the web to follow the HIPAA requirements and to omit the 18 unique identifiers from all text, images and videos. This includes the date of the echocardiogram which can still be seen in some YouTube videos. Apart from these problems, I can already see the title of a future ACC abstract for 2008: Using YouTube for Cardiology Education.

Case Reports and HIPAA Rules
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Updated: 02/06/2008

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  1. United Press International has also discovered YouTube als medical resource. In a newsrelease ( they tell YouTube can function as a medical advisor.