A "Killer" Cookie?

Family Medicine Notes links to the nutrition info a "killer" cookie offered by Dunkin' Donuts: it contains 65% of your daily allowance of saturated fat.

And not only that, the "killer" cookie is loaded with 48 g of sugar AND 550 mg of sodium. Is sodium there to temper the sweetness, or just to increase blood pressure? The recommended total daily intake of sodium is 2000 mg, so this cookie certainly goes a long way in ensuring that everybody who eats it hits the maximum daily dose of sodium they can take...

Illegal food?
Family Medicine Notes
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  1. Blah blah blah, eat a healthy diet everyone tells me. But food tastes good and I don't have this unnecessary desire to live forever! After 60 I won't have anything more to contribute to society. My early death will be a benefit to the overabundance of human life.

    Nobody wants to say it, but a happy medium-sized life is better than a stretched-thin unhealthy life. Ask my friend Bilbo Baggins if you doubt me.

    I'd be a cranky old bastard anyway, I'm doing you a service by eating this cookie and wasting my health away.

    (And btw, thanks in advance for the surgery you'll be giving me once you all get your MD's!)