"Medical Breakthrough" in Treatment of Seborrheic Keratosis

Medscape's MedGenMed eJournal features an amusing video editorial by his Editor-in-Chief, George D. Lundberg:

I Use Fingernail Surgery to Remove My Seborrheic Keratoses (free registration required):

"So, now I take my seb keratoses off while they are still small with my fingernails, usually the one on the third finger of my right hand. Am I kidding you? No."


  1. I am a physician licensed to practice medicine and surgery in the state of Missouri. I produced a DVD/movie of self-removal of a seborrheic keratosis, using fingernail surgery. It worked great! Right now I'm thinking that doctors in third world countries may be laughing at us practicing here in the states... the same lesions that we use an office visit for, purchase laser equipment for, and send a "hefty" bill to the payor for... is probably handled by simple fingernail surgery in other "less equipped" countries. You can Click Here to learn more about my movie showing seborrheic keratosis removal by fingernail surgery.

  2. I accidentally discovered "fingernail surgery" when I was scratching itchy ones. I've since discovered that when one itches, it's because it's ready to be removed. Proper hygeine, antibiotic ointment, and sometimes just my immune system keep it from getting infected. I'm so relieved to see that others do this. It works.