Web OS May Be Everything You Need for Day-to-Day Work

Lifehack.org has an excellent review of all the features that a Firefox-based "web OS" currently offers: Why My Hard Drive & Software are Obsolete:
While the debate of Windows v. Mac v. Linux rages on, at times rising to a roar in certain circles, I meekly raise my hand and offer a newly emerging fourth choice: none of these operating systems really matter anymore.

Why not? Because for writers like me, and for many others, all the software and storage space you really need is now online. All that matters is that you have your browser with:

Word processor
Feed reader
Blogging software
Photo software
Hard drive
File management
Backup system
Bringing it all together
I agree with Leo Babauta, the author of the post: for your day-to-day work, a web OS may be everything you need. If you look at the choices for web software, you will realize that more or less we live in a Google world.

I prefer Opera browser to Firefox for "simple browsing" but unfortunately many Google services do not work in Opera and I have to keep the 2 programs open at the same time.

In case, you don't like Google service (unlikely), Lifehack.org lists the Top 10 Alternatives to "Google's Grip."

45+ Web Operating Systems. Mashable.com, 08/2007.
Seriously, what's with all the WebOS applications? DownloadSquad.com, 08/2007.

Updated: 08/23/2007

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