What is like to be a FP, IM, EM, ObGyn (put your desired specialty here) doctor?

The Student Doctor Network forum has recently stared a series of ‘20-question’ interviews with physicians in each of the major medical specialties. There are good questions like "Describe a typical day at work", "Now that you’re in your specialty, do you find that it met your expectations?", "Are you satisfied with your income?", "What do you like most and least about your specialty?", "Where do you see your specialty in 10 years?"

Emergency Medicine
20 Questions: Dale Woolridge, MD/PhD [EM]

20 Questions: Andrew Beckwith, MD [OB/Gyn]

Family Medicine
20 Questions: Charles Vega, MD [Family Medicine]

What's It like to Be An Allergist? from the appropriately-named Achoo! Blog. This is not from the SDN series but it is on the same topic.

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Hunting Season. Dr. Wes, 08/2007.
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