How to start a medical blog in 2 minutes

This Google video shows that it takes about 2 minutes to start a blog on Creating a web site has never been easier.

The video length is 1:58 minutes from start to finish and this includes writing your first post illustrated with a photo.

There are many medical blogs out there but we can always use a few new good ones. I do not have a blogroll in the sidebar but I subscribe to at least 40 medical blogs in Google Reader.

ScienceRoll points to an integrated feed of several genetics blogs. This is an interesting idea. I tested something similar with our hospitalist group and members generally liked it. We used the "RSS-to-web page" feature of iGoogle and the approval rate was nearly 90%.

It would be nice to have feed "pipes" (similar to Yahoo Pipes) of blogs in different specialties:

- A feed pipe with general medicine blogs
- A feed pipe with hospitalist blogs
- A feed pipe with cardiology blogs
- A feed pipe with nephrology blogs, etc.

It would be interesting to see if students, residents, fellows and specialists find these feed pipes useful.

Update 5/15/2007:

David Rothman links to a directory of medical blogs categorized by subspecialty on MedWorm.

Best Web Feeds Reader for Medical and General Information
Make Your Own "Medical Journal" with Google Personalized Page
The DNA Network: the best idea of the last months. ScienceRoll, 05/2007.
Image source: ScienceRoll, CreativeCommons license.
Link via Googlified.


  1. I would find the idea very interesting from the resident point of view

  2. Are there any ideas how that could be started for medical education and for students for example, in hte sense of " How to use it" is the next step afters having started.