Featured in the Journal Clinical Infectious Diseases

Our project Clinical Cases and Images ( was listed among the case-based web resources in the field of infectious diseases reviewed in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases:

Infectious Disease Cases for Educational Purposes: Open-Access Resources on the Internet.
Matthew E. Falagas, Efthymia A. Karveli, and George Panos.
Clinical Infectious Diseases 2007;45:495-500. Full text.

Somewhat paradoxically, the journal lists open-access resources on the web but the article itself is close-access: you have to be a subscriber to see the full text.

This is an excerpt:

"For example, the case presentations found at Clinical Cases and Images–Infectious Diseases presented by the Section of Hospital Medicine–Cleveland Clinic ( include links to clinical examination Web sites that are useful to medical students."

Clinical Infectious Diseases is the official journal of the the Infectious Diseases Society of America and we proud to be included in the list of 25 educational web sites. and the blog have also been featured in:

- British Medical Journal (3 times)
- Journal of the American College of Cardiology
- Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine
- Journal of the American Society of Nephrology
- BMC Medical Education
- Medscape (2 times)
- Student BMJ

Currently, the project is hyperlinked in the web sites of 23 medical schools around the world.

Image source: Clinical Infectious Diseases.

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