Medicine 2.0, Blog Carnival About Web 2.0 and Medicine, Year 1, Issue 9

This is the 9th edition of Medcine 2.0 -- a blog carnival about Web 2.0 and medicine. The archive is available here. A blog carnival is a blog event similar to a magazine dedicated to a particular topic. Each edition of a blog carnival is in the form of a blog article that contains links to other blog articles on the particular topic (source: Wikipedia). The carnival is also available as a slide show on Google Presentations.

How and Why to use Second Life for Education?
Berci Mesko explains why education has its golden age in Second Life virtual world.

100 Web Resources for Medical Professionals. Nursing Online Education Database | NOEDb.
If you are employed in the medical field or are currently studying medicine, the 100 Web sites collected by NOEDb may be a good place to start. One hundred web sites may be too many or not enough, depending on one's perspective. During one of my recent talks about Web 2.0 in Medicine with Cleveland Clinic residents, I mentioned that I subscribe to 600 web sites to which one of the residents replied: "I probably don't even know the names of 600 web sites..." You do not have to read 100, 600 or even 5 web sites. Do what interests you and suits your research profile. A journalist once asked one of the best hedge fund managers on Wall Street how he gets the latest up-to-the-minute news -- by email alerts,RSS or watching Bloomberg TV... "From yesterday's newspaper," the manager replied modestly. It is not the data, it is what you do with it.

World's First Human-Powered, Doctor-Guided Search Service for Health by OrganizedWisdom.
"The New Health Search Engine Weeds out Spam Sites, Redundant Links and Clutter by Using People to Find and Organize the Best Health Resources on the Web." Nothing beats the combination of UpToDate/Pubmed/Google in my opinion but who knows, may be OrganizedWisdom's WisdomCard is the answer for some people.

Google News Image View: Allergy. Allergy Notes.
The image view allows you to quickly browse through a visual display of news articles of your interest -- just substitute "allergy" in the search query with any other topic, for example, "cholesterol."

Surfing the waves of medicine-two-point-oh! Constructive Medicine 2.0.
What is the difference between Health 2.0 and Medicine 2.0? Industry vs. science? Scott Shreeve, M.D. also tries to define Health 2.0.

Medgadget's Guide to Hacking into Social Networks for Doctors. Medgadget.
Medgadget shows that an "ultra-exclusive physician network" can potentially be penetrated by non-physicians using publicly available data.

Video: A Brief History of Medicine (American Style).
A video homage to Michael Wesch’s Web 2.0… The Machine is Us/ing Us.

Health 2.0: User-Generated Healthcare Conference 2007. Health Care Law Blog.
Bob Coffield live-blogged the conference: "... there was an incredible amount of excitement and enthusiasm around what is happening as this group tries to figure out how best to position themselves and their companies in this new non-traditional health sector. I was also struck by the fact that many of those who have jumped in with new ventures have done so as a result of a personal family health story or a frustration with how they were treated by the current health care system."

My Talk on "Health 2.0" for the 5th Annual Healthcare M&A and Corporate Development Conference. The Efficient MD.
Joshua Schwimmer, M.D. shares the transcript of his talk as a part of the panel titled "Healthcare 2.0: Technology & Healthcare Services of the Future."

Are Physicians Marginalized in Health 2.0? John Sharp.
Yes, they may be marginalized but this is not unexpected. Most physicians are too busy seeing patients (and writing guides how to penetrate unprotected social networks). By the way, anybody can start a social network now on UOP and one of the Boston schools already did.

Social Bookmarking for Physicians.
David Rothman, one of the most productive blogging medical librarians, writes about PeerClip, the newest contender for the title of “Digg for Medical Literature.” Maybe it would be better to call it a “Digg/ for Medical Literature.”

Web 2.0 in Medical Education. Medical Education Blog.
A good collection of links. One example of using a blog for medical education is shown below.

Topics Discussed During the Internal Medicine Rotation at Cleveland Clinic in September 2007. Clinical Cases and Images - Blog.
A blog can be used as an educational portfolio for both personal learning and teaching.

How to create a blog carnival: Step by Step. ScienceRoll.
If you like (or don't like) this edition of the carnival, Berci Mesko explains how to start your own on any topic you choose.

The next edition of Medicine 2.0 will be hosted at HighlightHealth on October 14, 2007.

Image source: ScienceRoll, a Creative Commons License.

Updated: 01/04/2008


  1. Thanks for mentioning OrganizedWisdom! UpToDate and PubMed are among the resources we use for our WisdomCards, but we also incorporate the best resources aimed at patients and the best resources BY patients about their experiences. Check us out -- we're getting better every day!

  2. Thank you, for writing about Medicine 2.0 definition and also about Constructive Medicine post in your Blog carnival.