Topics Discussed During the Internal Medicine Rotation at Cleveland Clinic in September 2007

September is one of my inpatient teaching months and we decided to assemble a list of topics for feedback and later reference. This is a list of the topics discussed during the internal medicine rotation with residents and medical students at Cleveland Clinic:

Guidelines for treatment of DVT/PE
Central retinal artery occlusion
Treatment of hyponatremia with ADH receptor antagonists
Treatment of DKA and hyperosmolar state
Sick euthyroid syndrome
Treatment of uric acid nephrolithiasis
Treatment of VIP patients
Idiopathic CK elevation
Different IV catheters and related complications
"Salami" paper and scientific conduct
Non-anion gap acidosis
RTA type 1, 2, 4
DKA labs with effect of treatment walk-through
Pleural effusion - transudate vs. exudate
Digoxin toxicity case 1, case 2, case 3
Treatment of Hyperkalemia
Guidelines for transfusion in sickle cell disease, Hgb goal?
Iron overload due to blood transfusions in sickle cell disease
Web 2.0 in Medicine (Google Presentation)
Blogs for medical students, CCLCM blog

Future topics:
Diagnosis and treatment of acute chest syndrome
Treatment of Hypokalemia
Guidelines for treatment of elevated INR due to Coumadin
DM gastroparesis and botulinum injections

The list will be updated periodically as new topics are added by the end of the month. As you can see from the links above, a blog can be used as an educational portfolio for both personal learning and teaching.

Further reading:
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Updated: 09/19/2007

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