12 Germiest Places in America According to Health Magazine

The Health Magazine lists the 12 germiest places in America or the so called "dirty dozen":

  1. Kitchen sink
  2. Airplane bathroom
  3. A load of wet laundry
  4. Public drinking fountain
  5. Shopping cart handle
  6. ATM buttons
  7. Playgrounds
  8. Bathtub
  9. Office phone
  10. Hotel-room remote

Purell (TM) and other alcohol-based hand sanitizers are reportedly effective against most common bacteria including MRSA (pictured above). Hand sanitizers are heavily used by politicians during election season, when they have to shake countless hands and remain healthy.

How some hotels clean drinking glasses (video):

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Where's Your Germiest Place? Dr. Wes.


  1. Hey Ves -

    Great minds obviously think alike, I linked to this (Eeewww!) article on my site as well.

    Good news, not a one of these is in a hospital patient room!

  2. I suspected the kitchen sink. But what I don't get is how drying laundry makes it less germy than wet laundry...