CNN asks "Can Led Zeppelin still rock?" Did you have any doubts?

The surviving 3 members of legendary rock group Led Zeppelin reunited for a one-time gig on December 10.

To ask if the founders of the hard rock can still rock, as CNN just did yesterday, shows a lack of understanding of what the music is all about. If you had any doubts, check the BBC coverage of the concert: Zeppelin wow their fans at gig (video).

WSJ video: Song remains the same

"As soon as the tickets went on sale -- for £125 ($253.50) -- fans rushed to get their hands on one. In total 11 million people signed up for the chance to see the reunion gig but only 18,000 were the lucky ones."

"The concert web site exceeded its bandwidth allowance and crashed almost immediately following the announcement, with the promoter predicting that the gig would cause the "largest demand for one show in history", due to the ticket request site receiving one billion page impressions."

For the record, I like Deep Purple better but Led Zeppelin are truly the epitome of a rock band. Here is the link to an interview with Roger Glover, the bassist of Purple.

If you think that this post is off-topic, think again. One of the best orthopedic surgeons at Cleveland Clinic, Viktor Krebs, seems to be the fan of rock music too: Why aging rock stars still tour: "Once the lights go down and the crowds roar, something magical happens. All your aches and pains go" References: Can Led Zeppelin still rock? CNN. Legendary Led Zeppelin feels a whole lotta love. USA Today. Music Review: Led Zeppelin Finds Its Old Power. NYTimes. Music in the OR? For Cleveland Clinic Surgeons, It's Not Just Mozart. Zep lover 'will rule Russia.' The Sun, 12/2007.
A day in the life of a touring musician - Roger Glover from Deep Purple


  1. why did robert plant and jimmy page not invite john paul johns to play with them when they toured together several years ago? that seemed pretty harsh to exclude him to me.

  2. John Paul Jones made a comment at an award show some time ago to the effect of "I hope they all remember my phone number"...looks like they got over it...a recent systematic review of rock band quality is posted here:

    Led comes in at #1...deep purple comes in at #58...sorry Ves!

  3. It'a matter of discussion and personal preferences. After looking at the the review, I find it hard to believe that they ranked Metallica at #8 and Rolling Stones at #20. Whitesnake didn't even make the list but Parliament Funkadelic (who?) did. I wasn't aware that The Jackson Five were a rock band before the AVREv list...

    Anyway, Led Zeppelin were a superb rock band and I'm certain it was great to see them together again even if it was for only one show.

  4. please don't tell me you never heard of George Clinton and the P-Funk all stars...probably not a rock band in the traditional sense, but great musicians...