JAMA Adds More Web 2.0 Features to Its Website

Following the lead of NEJM, JAMA has added more audiovisual and interactive content to its website. The leading journals are becoming much more than a vehicle for printing articles, and medical professionals who are not regular users of their websites are missing out on some useful features. You do not even need to visit the website to get the latest updates -- they follow you via RSS web feeds. The feeds also power journal podcasts which are downloaded automatically to your iPod whenever a new addition is published, again, no website visit required. I have become a regular listener to the editorial podcasts of JAMA, NEJM, Lancet and Annals. Here is the list of the Top 5 Medical Podcasts I Listen To.

Below is the list of some "Web 2.0 features" JAMA has added to its website:
Most people subscribe to medical podcasts by using iTunes/iPod/iPhone from Apple. A lesser known fact is that Google Reader can be used as a podcast program as well.

Click here to subscribe to the 4 major journal podcasts in your iGoogle homepage.

Top 5 Medical Podcasts I Listen To
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Make Your Own "Medical Journal" with iGoogle Personalized Page
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