Digg.com and Other Web 2.0 Songs

After the general Web 2.0 song became a YouTube sensation, now we have songs about specific web services like Digg.com (see the second video below). What is next -- a song about Dissect Medicine or Grand Rounds?

Web 2.0: Here Comes Another Bubble

Digg Song

Kina Grannis created the “Digg Song” and became an almost instant viral success, so much so that a record company has been in touch with her. Link via Dr Shock MD PhD. Song chorus:

"Gotta digg, gotta digg, gotta digg
Gotta make this story big!"

I have not heard about the "Diagnosis Wenckebach" singers being offered a record deal yet. Strange...

Web 2.0 Music Video: Here Comes Another Bubble
Digging Grand Rounds
Digg for Medicine: Nature Publishing Group Launches Dissect Medicine
Gotta Digg this One for Kina Grannis (Updated with interview). Gizmodo.com.

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