A Person Who Loves His Job

Steve Rubel is a public relations executive at Edelman and a well-known blogger. These are excerpts from his life stream:

steverubel: Work is my big hobby. I am truly lucky to have found a nexus between my passions and profession. (via Twitter / steverubel)

steverubel: I love days when I get into the office before the sun comes up. You feel like you're ahead of the game. (via Twitter / steverubel)

steverubel: You know you're getting old when you get up before 6 am (even on weekends) and get very sleepy by 9:30 or 10. (via Twitter / steverubel)

steverubel: The downside of getting up at 4 is being wiped out by 8.

Update 01/31/2008:

You have to love Steve's reply:

"A blogger notices from my lifestream that I love my job, which I do! Downside? It’s the Clinical Cases blog!"

A CommonCraft video explains what a microblogging platform is by using Twitter as an example.

Aggregated Lifestream Combines All Content Created by You Into One Site/Feed
Are you obsessed with your job? CNN.
Chronic stress at work can make you sick. Clinical Cases and Images - Blog, 03/2006.

Updated: 03/10/2008

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