"Poster Child" for Hospitalist Movement Changes Career Track: Confessions of an X-Hospitalist

The author of the blog In My Humble Opinion shares his rational behind a career change:

"I was once a hospitalist. In fact I was even featured in an article about hospitalists. Yep…that's me. Horrendous picture though… isn’t it? The patient I was taking care of was 97. She died about a year later in a nursing home. How do I know that? Because at the time I was transitioning to outpatient medicine. I became her primary care physician. So why did I make the change? And how much of a change was it for me? Recently I saw two patients discharged from hospitalist services. I think these cases illustrate the problems with this type of system."

The hospitalist system as a whole appears to be both viable and beneficial though. At least according to a recent NEJM study and the news about the planned IPO of one of the largest private hospitalist companies -- IPC The Hospitalist Co. ups deal size for IPO. According to MarketWatch: "The North Hollywood, Calif. provider of inpatient care raised $83 million by offering 5.2 million shares in the middle of its $15-$17 price range. In a sign of health, the company increased the size of the offering from 4.7 million shares."

Riding the Hospitalist Boom to an IPO. WSJ.

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Updated: 03/31/2008


  1. In Canada, the term hospitalist is not well-understood or used.

    I wonder why? Any insight into that conundrum?


  2. How do you call inpatient physicians who practice general medicine?