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Web 2.0

David Rothman is unhappy with the term "Web 2.0," which according to him, has no features and cannot be used. On the other hand, Dean Giustini has moved beyond Web 2.0 and is "featuring" Web 3.0 in his latest BMJ editorial. David seems to suggest the alternative term "Web Geekery" which does not sound much better than "Web 2.0." The conversation continues in The Beauty of the Dialectial Process.

Disclaimer: Actually, I believe I was the first to write about “Web 2.0 in Medicine” (in October 2005) but in hindsight, may be I should have stayed out of this altogether :)

Pain management

CNN journalist Glenn Beck is unhappy with his post-operative pain management and has written a hospital horror story.

As usual, with blog posts concerning emotion, comments are almost as interesting as the posts. Glenn Beck's blog does not have comments open but Kevin, MD more than compensates for it.

And you wonder why bloggers have heart attacks...

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Updated: 03/21/2008


  1. Ves,

    The web 3.0 piece is bound to shake up the discourse around web 2.0. I continue to learn from you and other bloggers about web 2.0, and will not move beyond it.

    I do believe that web 2.0 has been an important development for the flow of information in medicine. I won't be abandoning it (or its successor, whatever that may be).

    By the way, I still look to Clinical Cases and Images blog for the definitive word on web 2.0 implementation.

    all the best,

  2. Thank you, Dean. I enjoy both your blog(s) and editorials and David's.

    Conversation leads to better understanding...