Too many feeds to read? Time to trim down RSS subscriptions

Web feeds readers have truly become an "inbox for the web." Until recently, I was subscribed to about 600 web sites, blogs, medical journals, podcasts and persistent searches. With so many feeds to read, information overload became a real issue, and I trimmed down the number of RSS subscriptions significantly this month.

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Video: RSS in Plain English

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Updated: 04/23/2008


  1. Wow! Do you mind telling us how much time you spend reading on-line?

  2. About an hour a day...

  3. Sencillamente excelente.
    Ha sido muy útil y voy a incorporarlo a mi página de google.

    In plain English: excellent... and very helpful. You are a gifted lecturer.

    Un saludo cariñoso desde Las Palmas, Spain.