How to backup your medical blog?

Writing a medical blog takes time and effort. A blog is also a personal archive which should be protected against deletion by an accident or a malicious hacker. The first step is to choose a good password. The second it to backup your blog regularly, probably weekly or monthly.

There are 2 relatively easy options to backup your blog:

1. HTTrack Website Copier

This free program allows you to save entire web sites (including your blog) on your hard drive so that you can browse them offline. I use HTTrack to backup several of my websites and have not had any problems with it. It downloads all the text, links, images, audio and video files to the hard drive in a directory called "MySites." An incremental backup is done after the first run of the program.

2. Blogger Backup at

Blogger Backup goes one step further than HTTrack by allowing you to restore your posts back online in case you accidentally delete your blog or some of the posts. I have not tried the program yet but the credible Digitial Inspiration blog has a positive review of Blogger Backup.

Download All Your Blogs with Blogger Backup, Easy Restoration. Digital Inspiration.
Image source: Wikipedia

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Updated: 12/11/2008


  1. This has worked for me on blogger. Open a single web page with all of your posts using the code below:

    But since blogger comments cuts off this I will post it broken up so you get all the info:

    It will take a while to load but you basically save it as web page complete.

  2. Thanks for the tips. Unfortunately I'm on a mac and couldn't test the two apps, especially the second one with that extra feature.

  3. Wow, I should backup my blog. You made me nervous. :)

  4. You should be nervous -- look here: