Dental Wiki by Case Western Reserve University Dental School

The eHealth blog linked to Cleveland 2.0 - an initiative begun by Case Western Reserve University to apply Web 2.0 to all kinds of non-profit initiatives in Cleveland.

While checking the links, I found a dental wiki featured by one of the presenters: "Ben Schechter of Case School of Dentistry will comment on migrating content to a wiki platform. He will discuss the evolution of the Case Dentistry clinical manual, its journey from print to its current manifestation, why MediaWiki is the appropriate software, how it is being used, and ways to support editorial review":


The website looks like a useful resource for dental education. I should probably have considered using a wiki rather than when I launched in 2005 but then, again, Blogger is free, easier-to-use and there are no hosting charges or setup.

Joshua Schwimmer is currently considering a wiki platform for The Efficient MD - Lifehacks for Healthcare project and we will see how this one works out.

A medical school dental manual -- in Wiki form. Chris Seper, The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, 05/2008.

Updated: 05/09/2008

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