Spain's defense minister: When motherhood comes at an inconvenient career moment

From Boston Globe:

"You didn't have to know anything about Spanish politics to be fascinated by the striking photo that came out of Spain this week: The new defense minister, 37 and seven months pregnant, reviewing her troops in a chic maternity outfit.

In Spain, some were questioning whether Carme Chacon should be able to take her state-mandated 16 weeks of paid maternity leave, given the importance of her job.

For most American women, of course, the idea of 16 weeks paid leave is a mere dream. The United States is one of a handful of countries with no guaranteed paid maternity leave policy, researchers found last year."

Video: Carme Chacón's first day in office

The Spanish prime minister José Zapatero was re-elected on March 9 and appointed more women than men to his cabinet.

Ms. Chacon lacks military training but that did not stop her from taking a 10-hour flight to Afganistan to visit the Spanish troops there. She was accompanied by her gynaecologist, an anesthesiologist and a pediatrician.

It looks like she also finds time to keep her Flickr page updated.

When motherhood comes at an inconvenient career moment. Boston Globe.
Spain's Pregnant Defense Minister. Time.

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