ACP Launches a Blog for Its Annual Meeting

At its annual meeting Internal Medicine '08, the ACP is launching a blog: ACP Internist Blog:

"Blogs are now an integral channel to deliver timely, researched information. It's also much more interactive, allowing immediate feedback from our readers. To deliver feedback, click on the comments link that follows each message."

The ACP is using the good old (and reliable) software of by Google -- the same platform that powers this blog.

As I have predicted 2-3 years ago, all future scientific meetings and educational courses will have accompanying blogs, podcasts and YouTube videos. The organizers will either hire medical bloggers or use "home-grown" talent.

The Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) also published meeting updates on a blog this year.

2008 Annual Hospitalist Meeting Has a Blog with Latest Updates
Image source: ACP.

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