How to Add a Favicon to the URL of a Site Hosted on

Favicon is short for "Favourite Icon" - a tiny image seen in the URL in the address bar of the browser. It serves as a "symbol" for the site.

How to Add a Favicon to the URL of a Site Hosted on

1. Choose or make an image.

2. Increase the image contrast and color saturation. You can use a free image-editing program such as IrfanView.

3. Go to to create the favicon.

4. Upload the newly-created favicon to Google Pages.

5. Copy the URL of the uploaded image.

6. Log-in to Dashboard of your blog. Copy the code snippet shown here in the template just below the title tags (located at the top).

Update 10/28/2008: Fix for "missing" favicon

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Updated: 05/14/2009

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