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Grand Rounds has become the contemporary weekly portrait of medicine through the eyes of the medical bloggers. Pre-Rounds is an article series about the hosts of Grand Rounds on Nick Genes of Blogborygmi, who writes the Medscape column, is the founder of Grand Rounds and the archive host.

This week's host is a plastic surgeon in Little Rock, AR who writes a blog called Suture for a Living. She mixed the posts with links and photos of Arkansas:

"Arkansas actually has a diamond mine open to the public -- you get to keep what you find.

Within five Arkansas state parks are cabins, pavilions, bridges, trails, a lodge, and other works that endure as a legacy to the craftsmanship of the Civilian Conservation Corps, part of Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal.

There are many places for rock climbing, hiking, fishing, and boating within Arkansas. Granted we are land-locked so no major sailing for us."

I have visited 28 states (see the travel blog) but have not been to Arkansas yet. It should be on the list next time.

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