Your spreadsheet becomes a wiki: Let's make a list of best medical podcasts

Google Spreadsheets added an option in the sharing dialog that allows anyone to view or edit the spreadsheet just by knowing the URL.

If you click on the Share tab and enable "Anyone can edit this document WITHOUT LOGGING IN", your spreadsheet becomes a wiki that can be edited by anyone.

The embedded spreadsheet below is an invitation to help make a list of the best medical podcasts. Anybody can edit the list -- give it a try. The original spreadsheet is published here.

You can easily embed spreadsheets and forms in a website by just copying HTML code. Click here for HTML code to embed the Medical Podcasts spreadsheet above in your own website.

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Updated: 12/14/2008


  1. Just added some of my faves (and my own...). I wrote about some other general science ones here too.

    Great idea!

  2. Thank you, Ben. I saw it in real time -- Google Spreadsheets has an automatic notification system.

    I also added simple ratings of the podcasts and a link to the HTML code so that anybody can embed this public spreadsheet in the own website.

  3. Very nice tool. I added 2 podcasts to the lists and altered the rating, now including C as well (for very specialized podcasts). I changed the order from A to C. As the list grows this may give a better overview. (of course rating is very personal and not everyone may agree).

    By the way I was scared out of my wits when I noticed your embedded spreadsheet had vanished after my latest adjustments. Luckily I could restore it by republishing the doc. Pfff.

  4. laikaspoetnik,

    Thank you for your input and additions to the spreadsheet wiki.

    The spreadsheet should re-publish automatically every time you make changes and choose "save and close" from the file menu.