Job Search: There's a feed for that?!

An example of power of RSS feeds from Google Reader blog:

"I was having a hard time finding the right job here in Houston. Days would go by without talking to a single recruiter. But then I started using Google Reader to subscribe to custom-made job search feeds for Craigslist, and for (which already aggregates feeds from thousands of other classified ad websites).

Soon I found myself flying all over the country interviewing for jobs. The employers always pay for the flights, hotels, rental cars, etc. My job hunt became like an exciting vacation! I've been to New York twice, Milwaukee, Austin, Los Angeles, and Miami. I just accepted an offer in Manhattan with a very competitive salary offer. Google Reader saved me a huge amount of time and effort with the job hunt."

I wonder if you can use the same approach when searching for a job as a physician.

There's a feed for that?! Google Reader blog.


  1. It seems not too many physician job sites have this feature, but most general job sites do. I do know of one site that provides RSS, but the feature isn't obvious. NEJM's physician job site,, allows you to save a job search as an RSS feed.

    Step 1: Go to the site and run a search from the home page or the advanced search page. At the bottom of the results list is an RSS icon. Click it an you'll get a pop-up window with the URL for an RSS feed based on the search you just did. It's great even if you aren't actively looking for a job.

    Step 2: Fly all over the country on someone else's tab!

  2. is a physician job posting site that is coming out with an upgraded version in two weeks. It will have an RSS feed for its users. We are also launching several new sites. They will also have the RSS feed ability. Please check out the new sites when they come online and provide us with your feedback. Here is a list of the new sites.

    and of course, the upgrade,

    Laura and Kelly owners

  3. There is also the new website Totally confidential site. Maybe that will help you in your job search.