Tundra PA Describes the Annual Salmon Run in Alaska

From Medscape Pre-Rounds:

"An experienced physician assistant moved to the land of the Yupik Eskimo, in southwestern Alaska 7 years ago. Under the pen name "The Tundra PA," she writes about her experiences living and practicing medicine in this unique environment on her blog Tundra Medicine Dreams."

I have enjoyed the Tundra PA writing for almost 2 years. Her latest post provides another fine example:

Fish Camp

"The king salmon (Chinook) are running strong on the lower Kuskokwim River now, and many people have left Bethel and the villages to live in their fish camps.

The salmon run will last for a couple of weeks. During that time, people who live by subsistence must catch a year’s worth of salmon for their family, fillet it, cut it into strips, brine it, dry it, and smoke it.

With over twenty hours of daylight, work goes on almost around the clock."

Fish Camp. Tundra Medicine Dreams.
Physician Assistant Blogs About "Bush Medicine" in Alaska
Image source: Chinook Salmon (also called king, tyee, blackmouth), Wikipedia, public domain.

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