Bret Michaels, Poison's lead singer has had diabetes since age 6, "rocks diabetes world"

Rockstar Bret Michaels on diabetes type I Speaking about rock music, I like Deep Purple better than Bret Michaels and Poison but you have to respect Bret for the encouragement he gives young people with diabetes type I. Anything seems possible with the current medical advancements and sensible lifestyle, including being a rock star. According to Diabetes Health: "Bret Michaels was only six years old when he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Now 44 years old, he's a twenty-year veteran of the rock and roll scene as the lead singer of the eighties band "Poison." Now Bret takes three injections a day, at breakfast, again at dinner, and then a little bit at night. Bret runs around a lot on stage, so he doesn't eat like to eat much before a concert and takes very little insulin before performing. The band has deliberately built two breaks into the show, a guitar solo and a drum solo, just so that Bret can go to the dressing room under the stage and check his blood sugar. Bret's Stats: Age: 44 Years with Diabetes: 38 Injections: 55,328 Blood Tests: 110,960 Albums Sold: 25 million" Smoke on the water by Deep Purple. Why aging rock stars still tour: "Once the lights go down and the crowds roar, something magical happens. All your aches and pains go" References: Bret Michaels, Diabetic Lead Singer of "Poison," Lives Life Large. Diabetes Health, 2007. Bret Michaels rocks the diabetes world. USA Today, 2002.
Survivor: After hemorrhagic stroke, followed by TIA, Bret Michaels, who has diabetes type 1, returns to stage with vigor. CNN, 2010,
Bret Michaels on being "a really active dad": "Listen kids, hurry up, man. I may lose another organ"
Updated: 06/20/2010

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