Goodbye to the World's Oldest Blogger, Age 108

From Official Google Australia Blog:

"Olive Riley, who, at 108, was the "world's oldest blogger," passed away last Saturday at her nursing home in near Sydney, Australia. Olive posted many YouTube vlogs retelling tales of her youth and sharing songs that helped to convey her most fundamental belief: "I want to be happy, but I can't be happy 'til I make you happy too."

Olive Riley, 108, was the "world's oldest blogger"

Nobody is too old to blog. In fact, the post-retirement years may be just the right time to share your wisdom with the world.

Studies show that staying intellectually active as growing older preserves "brain power" and delays onset of dementia. A Canadian study indicates that knowledge of more than one language (lifelong bilingualism) delays the onset of dementia by 4 years (via Slashdot).

Never Too Old For Blogging
Kirk Douglas turns blogs into his latest conquest. Reuters, 12/2008.
World's oldest blogger dies at 97., 2009.

Updated: 05/26/2009

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