Case Presentations on YouTube

Internal medicine tutorial, case study 1

The YouTube user mhussam seems to be an Egyptian physician who has uploaded 9 case presentations.

This is an interesting proof of concept that may deserve further exploration.

Last year, we posted about a pathologist with the screen name of WashingtonDeceit who had uploaded 544 histopathology videos since he joined YouTube on February 03, 2007. The videos lasted between 2 and 5 minutes and were professionally made and narrated.

We asked the nephrology fellows at the Cleveland Clinic what they thought about the renal histopathology videos via an anonymous web-based survey ( They actually found them quite useful and the abstract was published in the supplement of the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology from the annual ASN meeting (Renal Week 2007).

Histopathology Kidney -- Interstitial nephritis

544 Histopathology Videos on YouTube
YouTube as a source of information on immunization: a content analysis. Keelan et al. JAMA. 2007 Dec 5;298(21):2482-4.


  1. I believe that YouTube and similar sites have the potential to be extremely valuable teaching and sharing tools. In the school of midwifery I which I teach, we are looking at develping teaching videos that we can share on YouTube.

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