BMJ Career Advice: CV Writing, Interview, Presentation and Networking Skills

Medical CV writing skills

Interview skills

Presentation skills: plan, prepare, phrase, and project ( 4Ps)

Networking skills—more than just self promotion

These BMJ articles look like a good addition to the The Efficient MD Wiki build by Joshua Schwimmer, MD, FACP, FASN. Joshua was very kind to invite me as a collaborator on that project and I try to contribute whenever I can. You can join too:

"Wikis — collaborative websites — are powerful tools for education. The Efficient MD Wiki is designed to help healthcare professionals and medical students discover clinical pearls, useful resources, life hacks, and strategies to improve the practice of medicine."

It's Interview Time Again for Future Residents -- See Helpful Tips
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  1. I added it to the "Advice for Residents" section. Thanks, Ves.

    If anyone would like to contribute to the Wiki, I'd be happy to link back to your website from the Wiki's Home Page. Thanks for your contributions.