Presentation: Impact of Web 2.0 on medicine and healthcare

Impact of Web 2.0 on medicine and health care by Berci Mesko

Berci is a Hungarian medical student in his sixth and final year (many European medical schools are 6 years). He is the person to watch in the rapidly evolving field of Web 2.0 and medical education if you want to follow the new trends.

Berci's new commercial venture Webicina (a word play on Web and "medicina") is aimed at educating health care professionals about Web 2.0 and assisting them in building an online image profile. He knows a thing or two about self promotion, in a good way, check slide number 22 in the presentation embedded above.

One of the reasons I launched the bio website was to have a place where patients and colleagues can find me rather than somebody else when they search for me online.

Some leaders in Web 2.0 and medicine such as the NYC nephrologist Joshua Schwimmer use a similar approach. Joshua is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine, New York University School of Medicine and Clinical Instructor of Medicine, Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons. His several blogs offer another great option to follow emerging Web 2.0 trends that can be practice-changing for physicians.

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