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  • MarketWatch: "A backlash against Twitter is building. "Twitter has no business model," Taplin said. "It's a fad. They come and go. My students don't care about Twitter at all" Taplin said "It's a time-waster for them. What they're using is Facebook. There isn't a single student in my large lecture hall who doesn't use Facebook. They like the clean interface."

  • Top Fifty (50) Twitter Users in Medicine

  • NEJM is now on Twitter @NEJM and Facebook

  • Airlines Follow Passengers Onto Social Media Sites

  • 9 Tips for Having a Good Bad Day.

  • Bing will become Google's main competitor in search, with a market share of 28% in the US and 11% worldwide

  • Mobile broadband users face stiff penalties for exceeding their download limits

  • "The First 10 Free Apps to Install on a New Windows PC"

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