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From my Twitter account:

  • Unlogged-into Hotmail and Gmail account expire after 9 months and unlogged-into Yahoo accounts expire after 6

  • Google is trying to convince content owners that YouTube videos can make money after all:

  • See an example of using Google Books to illustrate a blog post: Decay-accelerating factor (DAF)

  • Health 1.0, Health 2.0, Health 3.0

  • "View/Share PDFs with Google Docs. At some point in the near future, G Docs will allow you to upload any type of files"

  • "Twitters redesign makes it look like a search engine, not a networking tool, but isn't that why we use it?"" - No.

  • Q & A: Opting Out of Facebook Ads

  • HOW TO: Deal With Social Networking Overload - How-to guide number 1002 by Mashable :) - My advice:

  • The top page manager can expect to earn 21,616 Mahalo dollars per year (exchange rate of $0.75)

  • "Use Google Docs & Checkout to Sell Online: You can get your first online store up-and-running in under 5 minutes"

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