Tweets About Social Media

From my Twitter account:

  • Spreadsheet: Top 30 Twitter doctors worth following: - Open to anybody to edit. This is a "beginner reader" list...

  • All honest medical blogs (most of them) that run automatic or regular ads have issues with them and -- PalMD is unhappy with ads served by his host ScienceBlogs - by Google does not force anybody to run ads (yet).

  • NCBI ROFL features some PubMed abstracts that may send chills down your spine: -- NCBI ROFL celebrates their success by including banner ads as big as the blog posts & "Beer Fund" donate button - Hmm...

  • Tour de Twitter: Lance Armstrong Takes Microblogging to the Races. Twitter: Other cyclists won’t be the only people following Lance Armstrong at this year’s Tour de France

  • Search Like an Expert: Google Offers Search Lessons and

  • TRIP Database set up a 70-member advisory board, uses Ning social networking site

  • Tips: How to Hire A Web Design Firm

Image source:, public domain.

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