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  • "Wikipedia is a perfect place to start your research, but should never be the one you finish your search with" - PubMed is a better start. Wikipedia is not a primary source for med students/residents. It can be used for illustrative purposes for med blogs if you can verify info. Medical blogs are not a source of "actionable" medical information, same with Wikipedia. You want to be treated by an expert - not a "crowd."

  • Twitter Wants To Be “The Pulse Of The Planet”

  • "Going Home Again" - a poignant reflection from Life as a Healthcare CIO

  • "Ten ways to change your life in 59 seconds" - The Telegraph reviews a book by popular psychologist Richard Wiseman

  • Google Reader is an RSS reader - with so many social media tools that it can replace Twitter/FriendFeed if it were more popular...

  • Spam comment on my blog (now deleted): "I am 61 using Online Viagra. I never had any problems, it only improved my erections" - by "Julia" ?!

  • Photo: President Obama gets a tour of Russian President's office at his dacha outside Moscow - Huge monitors...

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  1. Thank you for this comment on wikipedia.

    I am aghast at the number of groups that will use them as main sources...just not right!

    I'd much rather know exactly who the expert is, so I know the spin, etc.