FDA: Mercury dental fillings cause no harm

Dental amalgam is the most commonly used dental restorative material in dental fillings. First introduced in France in the early 1800s, it contains a mixture of mercury with at least one other metal.

According to the
FDA, mercury dental fillings cause no harm and are considered "moderate risk" devices. http://bit.ly/31d85M

The American Dental Association (ADA) was "happy" with FDA decision not to place any restriction on the use of dental amalgam. The FDA categorized the encapsulated dental amalgam as a class II medical device, in the same class as gold and tooth-colored composite fillings http://bit.ly/43jfAE

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Image source: Amalgam filling, Wikipedia, public domain.

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  1. We believe FDA. If they approved then we should not have any problem with use of dental amalgam.