Selected abstracts from the Medicine 2.0 conference

Medicine 2.0 is an annual international conference (September 17-18, 2009) on Web 2.0 applications in health and medicine, also known as the World Congress on Social Networking and Web 2.0 Applications in Medicine, Health, Health Care, and Biomedical Research.

A low resolution version of Medicine 2.0 map (fair use). Click here to see the full resolution image from Gunther Eysenbach's blog.

The congress is organized and co-sponsored by the Journal of Medical Internet Research, the International Medical Informatics Association, the Centre for Global eHealth Innovation, CHIRAD, and a number of other sponsoring organizations.

Here are some selected abstracts that caught my eye when reviewing the program:

  • Pandemics in the Age of Twitter: Content Analysis of “Tweets” During the H1N1 Outbreak

  • Young, Interconnected, Innovators Examine Strategies for Multi-Generational Success in the Era of Social Media

  • Facebook: An Innovative Influenza Pandemic Early Warning System

  • Use of Youtube for Dissemination of Information about the Potential Pandemic of H1N1 Influenza

  • Patient-Physician Communication about Internet Use: Why “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Doesn’t Work

Medicine 2.0 (R) is a registered trademark.

Announcement: Conference on Web 2.0 in Medicine in Toronto, September 2008. What is "Apomediation"?

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