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  • CNN: 'Mommy bloggers' are fighting the backlash against their profession - 'Mommy blogger' is a profession?... :)

  • What Comes First for You: Internet or Breakfast?

  • Bloglines On Life Support - It was the first RSS reader I tried. It is still superior to Google Reader in some aspects.

  • "Student is the teacher in more ways than one."

  • Jeff Jarvis posts about his newly-diagnosed prostate cancer and the treatments options he considered

  • The path to a better monetized with ads, premium content did not work

  • Izea, an advertising network, has begun paying Twitter users for sending sponsored tweets to their followers. Izea ads on Twitter: A Twitter user with 10,000 followers could make $25 to $35 per commercial tweet.

  • Twitter is like DOS - limiting and rudimentary. Yet, Twitter is the where the audience is right now and that's why many people use it. Not the only reason, of course.

  • Twitter’s platform shortcomings, by Scoble - You really must read this for multiple reasons going well beyond Twitter.

  • Calacanis: The Case Against Apple–in Five Parts and the antithesis

  • Text messaging etiquette tips

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