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  • Is There a Doctor on the Plane? - A real life experience.

  • CNN: How social media can hurt your career

  • Washington Post site gets more than 20,000 comments/week, only 100-150/day are deleted for violating the rules. Legally, The Washington Post isn't liable for comments. Under federal law, responsibility rests with the commenters.

  • How a hematologist prepares for the internal medicine boards

  • “Your blog is your mothership. Don’t neglect it for lesser tools.” - I wouldn't call my blog a "mothership" though :)

  • Note to bloggers: Seeing a pop-up inviting me to subscribe when I check your blog will make me less likely to visit again in the future.

  • Google Reader is way more efficient for reading tweets than, I like it even better than TweetDeck and Seeesmic. I don't use groups for Twitter, but one has 2 ways to "group" in Google Reader - folders and tags... I group all Twitter subscriptions in one folder in Google Reader called "Twitter", automatically sorted by Twitter account, then I review them by account in a "condensed" one-line view.

  • Aboriginal Health Service Video: "You gotta finish the antibiotics!"

  • This is the "What's hot" feed by the Google Reader team:

  • What to Bring to Clinical Rotations

  • 50 Best Websites 2009 by TIME magazine

  • "There was a call for an orthopedic surgeon in the labour ward. Why?"

  • Typical hours awake each day for a social media "guru" = 19

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