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  • The Social Media Pyramid in Medicine. Microblogging is the base - easiest to start and you should have more “servings per day.” Blogs are the peak - multimedia platforms for embedding, venue for longer, more reasoned arguments. Ed Bennett’s Hospital Social Networking List contains 253 hospitals on Twitter accounts, 174 on Facebook and YouTube, but only 31 have blogs.

  • "How to get residency: Letters of Recommendation"

  • Slideshow: Online Reputation Management (for companies)

  • Business Week: How to Give a Lousy Presentation - That's easy, anybody can do it... :)

  • How Facebook Ruins Friendships - WSJ

  • "Work To Live or Live To Work?" - Scroll down the page to read the joke... :)

  • Best of History Web Sites -

  • Facebook Conversations Used As Evidence In School Exam Cheating Case

  • launches label/category improvements for hosted blogs - label word cloud is included - Just switched to the new cloud view of labels for Allergy Notes. Not bad. Check the sidebar:

  • Twitter haters see no point in tweeting - USA Today. "People are losing human contact. They would rather text/Twitter/tweet than actually speak face-to-face with a person"

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