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Squidoo Backs Down On ‘Brand Campaign’ As Many Are ‘Not so Happy’ About It -- Brands in Public: Mayo Clinic asks "Love or Hate - What do you think of Mayo Clinic?" - Is there anything in between? This ‘Brand Campaign’ does not look like a good idea in general. The companies can opt out of the program however. It is strange how they ask people to comment with "love or hate" - it is quite polarizing...

Best Websites for Kindle (mobile) - please add more to the wiki at Google Docs - open to anybody to edit

Did you know there's now a year view in Google Calendar? Check out this and other Labs here: via @googlecalendar

BuzzVoice Makes Blogs TALK on Your iPhone

Faces of the World: U.S. President and First Lady With World Leaders at the Metropolitan Museum in New York

"Geolocation Publishing Freaks People Out - Scoble checks into the Ritz hotel near his home when he’s home"

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