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"Should Twitter be Banned at Conferences? People need to learn how to be negative properly." -- @SarahStewart "I think people need to learn how to give constructive feedback that can aid learning, development and improvement"
What to Do to Prevent Your Gmail Account from Being Hacked and How to Deal With It If It Happens - A must read.

LIFE 2009 Photos of the Year - See all 51 - probably the most dramatic/emotional photos of this year.

"Say Hello to the Google Tablet in 2010" - Will see.

"PubMed on Tap for the iPhone: the NLM in your pocket"

Bloggers, Should We Be Worried About Fast Food Content?

Web content farms "pump out an endless stream of bulleted lists and tutorials about the most esoteric of subjects" -- Content farm Demand Media will be publishing 1 million items/month, equivalent of 4 English-language Wikipedias/yea. In an era overwhelmed by FlickrYouTubeWikipedia-BloggerFacebookTwitter-borne logorrhea, here come the content farms

Webmaster advice from the medical blog Life in the Fast Lane

"Things I Learned in Medical Training That Have Influenced Me in My Non-Medical Life" - from a psychiatry resident

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