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"According to one law firm, over 20% of new divorce petitions contain references to Facebook"

India firms 'count Facebook cost', losing productivity because office staff spend too long on social networking sites

Everyone uses social media today. They just may not know it.

Buzzwords in Academic Papers

Don Dodge: Google has made 3 bets on future of computing: Chrome (browser), Apps (cloud), and Android (mobile) that will change everything.
Your cell phone will become your primary computer according to Google...

Doctor recruiting patients on Twitter? Check this reply timeline: "Hi this is Dr. Johnson.. I treat headache. call at"
-- He is a chiropractor who searches Twitter for symptoms and replies offering his services. It does not look like a good approach to me. Clarification: "Chiropractors are also known as doctors of chiropractic in many U.S. jurisdictions" - Not an M.D.

21 things that became obsolete this decade (Business Insider)

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